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Once considered the "Sport of Kings" played by the rich & famous.

         Here, at the Millwood Polo Club, we play Social Polo.

We play to have Fun (safely), for the laughs and camaraderie. You can score a goal but it is not about winning or losing. We play at a walk, trot, and at times, if you want, a slow canter.  At Millwood, we cater to all levels of rider ability from beginner to seasoned rider. We have retired polo ponies who have seen and done it all as far as polo is concerned; our  polo ponies are loved, treated with respect, are very well cared for, and love to play the game at this slower pace. The horse knows what to do. Our seasoned "polo pro" gives polo lessons, plays in the games, and works with the players during the games.

Join us for the Fun, the Laughs & Camaraderie, here, at Millwood Polo Club.

All are welcome and made to feel at home, here, at

Millwood Polo Club.

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