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"The importance of position, teamwork, passing and working at lesser speeds of walk, trot, with the occasional canter help make all feel comfortable and lessen anxiety of rare mishaps."

Dr. Alan Clark

Gold Member

"Other riders and I don't think of the chukkers as competition. We like the slow pace and camaraderie while constantly encouraging opponents as well as teammates. The socializing doesn't end after the game, either, since we generally go to a local restaurant for refreshment."

Barbara Keedy

Gold Member

“The game ends with one thinking they are alive like never before.”


Gold Member

“My horse and polo are the sunshine of my life.”

Diana Dame


"As I aged, my equine confidence began to wane. Social polo has allowed me to enjoy riding and competing at a pace I am comfortable with. Social Polo is something you can do, regardless of your age, sex or size."

Susan Mauer


"I hadn't ridden a horse that trotted in 22 years, I certainly had not ridden

a huge thoroughbred...Debbie Beauman made me completely comfortable in the surrounds and her wonderful retired Polo ponies...the third time I went, I took a Polo lesson, did a practice chukker and then got to actually play! ...I've been Addicted to Millwood's Social Polo since February 4, 2017."

Dana Fenn


"“Begin it …. Boldness has Genius “

Millwood Polo has allowed this to happen. ...I finally struck up the boldness to take a ride over to Millwood Polo Club. I was pleasantly greeted by a group of Seniors with a ZEST for Life! The Polo Players are

all so friendly, kind, and Equine Passionate. ...And after we play on Saturdays, we have our Champagne, wine, cheese and chips. ...

We laugh and tell stories of our horse life . Then we may go out to eat at a local place. ... Life is Good! To all at Millwood Polo…I thank you!

Maureen McKenna


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